Fine Art Custom Wall Mirrors, functional and decorative wall art by Julian Hamer

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Willow Wall Mirror
The "Willow" Wall Mirror

River Bank - Tall Wall Mirror
The "River Bank" Tall Wall Mirror

Tiger Lily - Entryway Wall Mirror
The "Tiger Lily" Entryway Mirror

Meadow - Hall Mirror
The "Meadow" Hall Mirror

Indian Summer - Contemporary Wall Mirror
The "Indian Summer" Contemporary Wall Mirror

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Art and Craftsmanship
unite in creating fine art wall mirrors
of lasting value and beauty
with elegance and style.

The Post Modern Wall Mirror - Summer

The Post Modern Wall Mirror - "Summer"

Julian Hamer is a lifelong woodworker and sculptor trained in England and Austria.

This web site entitled Fine Art Custom Wall Mirrors. The Fine Art Custom Wall Mirrors designs shown here in silhouette are mirrors intended to be both functional and to serve as decorative wall art. Each of the mirrors can be custom made in a wood of the customer's choice to suit their tastes and the decor of the room.
The intent is for these lovely sculptural forms to enhance any space and make even a dark alcove interesting and bright. The need may not be for a looking glass per se but rather a splash of reflective light and an art object of interest and beauty.
The beautiful wall mirrors and wall sculptures on these pages are some examples of my work. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing custom possibilites, different wood choices or custom sizes.

Julian's New Book is out!
A Thousand Days in the
West African Bush
By Julian Hamer

Ocean - Foyer Mirror
The "Ocean" Foyer Mirror

Summer - Post Modern Wall Mirror
The "Summer" Post Modern Wall Mirror

Springtime - Round Wall Mirror
The "Springtime" Round Wall Mirror

Winter - Carved Wall Mirror
The "Winter" Carved Wall Mirror

The Beveled Glass Wall Miror
The Beveled Glass Wall Mirror

The Art Nouveau Style Wall Mirror
The Art Nouveau Style Wall Mirror

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Julian Hamer is a member of the Furniture Society

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